Lion Kill at Tamboti Bush Lodge!

It was a very quiet Friday evening all the guests were very happily ensconced in the restaurant eating and chatting and my son and I were having a quiet chat in the lounge when our manager Patrick came running into the lounge and said he just heard the lions catch an animal very close to the fence at Tamboti Bush Lodge. We all jumped into the game viewer and drove up to the bush to go and have a look, we have, very, very powerful lights on the game viewer and we found three lions and a wildebeest.

it was a young wildebeest calf that they just killed in fact the we could hear the wildebeest still calling as we left the lodge, but obviously had been caught by then and when we got there the female still had her grip on the throat of the young wildebeest the male lion was lying over the top of the wildebeest and when it looked as if the female would like to start eating the male lion roared at her and swiped at her very viciously. Bearing in mind the fact that she had actually made the kill, because she had suffocated the wildebeest it was quite strange how possessive the male became of the carcass he lay right over the carcass and prevented her from getting near the carcass there were two lionesses and he chased them both away. At this stage one of the lionesses started to walk behind our vehicle almost in a stalking fashion, this got my to city slickers from Cape Town my son Garen and our manager Patrick very scared, so that they said to me they think it’s time that we moved on a little bit, so I turned the vehicle around and chased the lioness away and she went off back to the other lioness and they laid down and just watched the male lion when he dragged the carcass into a thick clump of grass behind the bush away from us and started eating. The two lionesses wandered around but seemed far too scared to go near to the carcass, we watched for a while and then left and went back to Tamboti Bush Lodge. Patrick was sleeping in the tent which is approximately 150 m away from the kill and until he fell asleep he could hear the three lions fighting and growling with one another over the carcass. At 5:30 the next morning my son and I went over to the kill to have a look and see if the lions were still around, when we got there only the upper portion of the body and the head and front two legs were left but we think there had been rain after they had made the kill so we were unable to find any spoor to see where they had gone. We expected there to be a number of jackals on the kill, but it was still quiet, I think once the carcass starts to smell that will draw the jackals in and they will finish off the carcass. This was quite amazing for me as I’ve been around here for 16 years and that is the first time that I’ve been so close to seeing the kill happen here in our Dinokeng Game Reserve. We think that the wildebeest had just died just a few minutes before we arrived at the scene. So, what we thought was going to be a very quiet little evening having a chat in the lounge turned out to be a very exciting one for us but unfortunately not for the wildebeest.

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